Top 4 Recommended Lenses For the Canon 70D

If you have bought the Canon 70D together with the kit lens and you’re looking to upgrade to a ” better” lens, then this article is for you. In this article, I will recommend the top 3 Canon 70D lenses. These lenses I will recommend also work well for other crop sensor cameras like the T5i, T6i, and other cameras.

Canon 70D lenses

Best Canon 70D Lenses

So, if you’re ready, let’s get into it:

Top 3 Canon 70D Lenses:

1.Prime Lenses

The reason why I am starting with primes is that many photographers want to take those shallow depth-of-field photos with their DSLR. With these prime lenses, you have a wide maximum aperture that allows you to have a very shallow depth of field. It also allows you to let in a lot of light in lower light situations. So, there are two primes in particular that I recommend for the Canon 70D. These are the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the Canon 40mm f/2.8 lens.

Even though these lenses are the easiest and cheapest ways to get a great low light picture with a shallow depth of field, the downside to these Primes lenses is that there is no zooming- you zoom with your feet.

2.Tamaron 28-75mm

Well, I chose this lens because it is a constant aperture f/2.8 over the range of 28mm to 75mm. It is very sharp and affordable. The constant aperture at f2.8 is very good, and the bokeh you get out at 50mm to 75mm at f/2.8 is great. The only problem I have with this lens is that it doesn’t have optical image stabilization. But I mean image stabilization doesn’t help with your moving subjects, it really of help you if you’re looking for a walk around in lower light where you can’t have a tripod. However, if image stabilization is what you’re looking for then you can use the Sigma 18mm to 50mm f/2.8.

3.Telephoto Lenses

These type of lenses are great when you want to move a little closer to the action to take pictures of your kids and their sporting events, maybe do a little bit of wildlife photography, I say a little bit because you can’t do serious photography with the next couple of telephoto lenses but you can get a little bit closer. For telephoto lenses, I recommend the Canon 55mm to 250mm STM. It offers that smooth and silent autofocus which is great for shooting a video. I also recommend the Canon 70mm to 200mm f/4.

This sums it up for my top recommended lenses for my top 3 recommended lenses for your Canon 70D, and I hope post gives you an idea of what lens to get. If you found this article helpful, then hit the like button. If you have any questions, then feel free to leave them in the commend section below.

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