My Nikon D3500 Bundle Review in 2020

To anyone who love taking photos and recording videos, Nikon D3500 become everything which satisfies your needs. It has the capacity of enabling you to have high quality photos and videos. When it is combined with right lens, it can be the life changing to many photographers who are new. Here are Nikon D3500 bundle buying guide which you need to consider that include:

Nikon D3500 Main Features

Nikon D3500 bundle

When buying Nikon D3500 bundle, you are supposed to look for the one which has specific features that you love before buying it. You need to check whether the memory-card has ability of increasing its holding capacity. Likewise, it is important to consider its zooming lens to know whether it is lightweight, compact and has particular functions which other cameras don’t have.

User interface

The type of the Nikon D3500 which you intend to buy is supposed to be easy and simple to use. You are not supposed to buy the camera which will face the challenges when carrying out simple functions such as shooting and pointing. It need to have the compact and good design which is greater for unique events.


Once you buy the camera which has the best performance level become very important. The best one has to be one which has 1080P of full HD videos with the monaural sound once you touch the switch. You are supposed to go for the one which create the high-quality video and image.


You are supposed to choose Nikon D3500 bundle which works best with SnapBridge application. It is supposed to work seamlessly when sharing videos and photos with either smartphone or compatible tablet.

In conclusion, it become very important to buy the Nikon D3500 in a bundle which can allow you to complete your goals. You need to check for those factors before you buy it.